11 November 2009

many things to show!!

Hello sweet friends!! how are you today?, here in france it's 11AM..
i have a lot of things to show, but i have  to thanks at first!! :
My Cindy from Sweet Beads Studio, i have bought a necklace so unique in her etsy
look at the"merveille"!!!

i'm so proud to wear it!! a lot of succes!! thank you!!
and in the same pakage .. what??
THE surprise!!! Cindy was my secret designer for the Leslie’s fun Thanksgiving Treasures earring exchange. (Thanks to Leslie!! and no knews from my earrings.. made for J... and sended 2 weeks ago...)

                           they are so so beautifuls!! very chic and baroque.. all i love!! Thank you!!!

To Renate , our german Stregata from "Put a little magic ..." . She is one of the 5 friends for the round robin, i've recieved her pakage with the shhhhhhhhht of shhhhhhhht.. and look.. at first the pakage:

And look what she've gived to me!! so generous Renate!!
an old chandelier crystal from flea market, and some labradorites.. my favourites stones... Thanks!!

to LeAnn our Summers studio's queen.. I've bought 2 littles ceramics on her etsy.. and she give me 2 AMAZINGS surprises in the pakage.. 2 vintages pieces!! THANK YOU!!  oops.. sorry but i've started to work on the ceramic pieces just after discovered it.. .. so imagine it without seed beads around...

 thank you so much!!!
And now if you have 2 minutes.. 2 or 3 things i've just made ..

well .. i have to continue... hugs and love my friends!!


sundownbeaddesigns said...

Esther~ The earrings and necklace you made are so beautiful...I especially like the necklace, what a beautiful cluster of neutral colors. Hooray for all the gifts! Such fun...Can't wait to see the finished necklaces from the round robin.

Narrative jewelry said...

Oh la la Sweetie, you made an awesome work with this incredible necklace and the wonderful earrings. Bravo, bravo bravo...
And the gifts ! Renate spoiled you, with these lovely labradorite and the splendid rock crystal, lucky girl.
Cindy's earrings are just what you need, baroque and chic, you are right. The necklace you bought from her is gorgeous too.
Without forget the sweet LeAnn with the vintage pieces and her beautiful ceramic beads.
What a lovely day, no ?


sharon said...

Looooooooooove, love love this Esther!! This necklace is soooo incredible, just love it !! You have inspired me again! The earrings are gorgeous, and I adore what you did with LeAnn's pcs!! You are lucky to have received such beautiful gifts from your friends!! Hugs to you!!

lunedreams said...

love your new earrings!! so delicate yet rustic and earthy at the same time! I love the oxidized copper withe the deep amber beads, very nice combination. your wire work seems like something that just sprang up from the earth...what you do with seed beads is amazing--you must have the patience of a saint! and little tiny fingers.

Rebecca said...

Hi Esther
Thanks so much for stopping by. I was surfing your etsy and I have to tell you I can't decide what is my favorite and which one to buy - they are all amazing! I love your jewelry.

Joella said...

Your pieces are such a treat to look at!

avalonne said...

oh my god, what a lot of things to read ... in english !!! for a poor little french girl like me ;) ... you are such lucky to get so many beautiful gifts ! and your earrings are beautiful !! kisses baby ;)

Sissy Sparrows said...

I just love your earrings....they are so unique....beautiful!

Riki Schumacher said...

WOW! You did get spoiled! These are just fabulous gifts. And I love what you did with the earrings! LOVE the shape, might have to borrow that and adapt!! Thanks for sharing, look forward to more beautiful pieces!

diane said...

What beautiful gifts =)
And, your necklace my dear....is just gorgeous!

Cindy said...

Esther...it was such a nice surprise when I was given your name for the earring exchange...I'm so glad you liked the. Thank you for all of the sweet compliments! :-) I am just in awe of what you did with LeAnn's beautiful ceramic...I've never ever seen anyone work with her pendants like that and they are gorgeous!...and your new earrings and necklace!!! You are a creative genius, my friend. I love the new designs and colors...just everything! :-)

stregata said...

Esther - Cindy's pieces are just gorgeous - she is so talented! Just like you!! It was a pleasure to send you something to play with! How sweet of LeAnn to send you such lovely pieces and I love what you did with her pendant! Your new pieces are amazing, stunning! What is the "Coeur" connector made of?

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

What amazing gifts from wonderful friends! And I'm in love with vintage copper look of your earrings and necklace. They are all fabulous!

ISA said...

Oh mais c'est tout beau tout ça ! :-)