06 November 2009

something new.. again

Hello my friends.. thanks for all the feedbacks on the tutorial article.. i'm so glad.
I wanted to try something new; and work with other materials. I've try ceramic.
Of course not made by myself, even if i would like!! but i don't have oven for that.. and there is  a some talented artists (as LeAnn)who can do wonders.

we can't do ALL that we want.; isn't it?

I have discovered a french artist: poppy in the sky. ( yes she have an english name..) Soon she will have an etsy, but here a link to take a look on her shop.
I've ordered to her some goodies .. and started to work with. She can do All  you want, Just speaking with her, she quickly understood what I needed !! Merci Valou!
at first "Papillon noir" (black buterflie)

a big big ceramic piece.. very unique.. no?

i use to make fabric flowers, this time, little nests.

here a beautiful oval Labradorite, and some freshwater beads. I found these glass beads,  also peas as fabric choker!
I've falled in love with her little angels.. very baroques.. as i like!!

I've stamped some "8" on the copper..

I also discovered a wonderful  french artist, Jacquelina-G which makes her glass beads. Here beautiful purple and beige ones .. very bright. I love them.
They are on sale in my etsy.

I'm so glad to work with these wonder-women!!They give me wings!!
(shhhhhht i've others special beads.. soon i will show them. they are just perfect!! )
thanks for looking!!
A bientôt!!


sharon said...

Thank you for sharing such beautiful secrets with us.....these are soooo pretty!! The angels are gorgeous, and you have done a fabulous job with them!!

Jan said...

Oh, such wonderful, glorious treasures and the angels are just divine, my clever friend.
Have a good weekend. Much love xxxxx

avalonne said...

what a great idea to take those wonderful pieces in your art work, you're so talented what ever your hands are touching and it's always so a pleasure !!! i love all of theses pieces :)
bisous ma poule !! (we're not gonna change old practices no ? :p)

Hopemore Studio said...

Ester, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I wanted to stop by and say your work is just beautiful By far I am most amazed by your fiber bracelets.


Cindy said...

Esther, you have done wonders with your new ceramic pieces!! I really, really like that large black focal and all of the dangles. Your angel pieces are really sweet - the bail on the necklace looks almost like angel wings too. Have a great weekend...

sundownbeaddesigns said...

as usual these pieces are beautiful

stregata said...

Ah Esther, what can I say? Magnificent? Beautiful? Fantastic? All that and more, ma belle!
The butterfly makes a real statement!

sanda reynolds Mullingar,Ireland said...

BEAUTIFUUUUUL, Esther, all these are simply gorgeous! God, I love them! Thanks for sharing with us!
Lots of love, Sanda xx

Joella said...

Love these:) The copper and blue are so beautiful together!


Esther I love the angels
they look groegous as a set and you have done the ceramic artist proud.You are an amazingly talented Woman indeed.
Annette In Oz

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

The black butterfly is a very unique concept. Usually butterflies are always done with lots of color but I really like this version. And the beads match perfectly.

And what a sweet little angel! Gorgeous color on that necklace with the blues.

Le Journal de Chrys said...

Encore et toujours: FÉLICITATIONS pour tes créations!

Riki Schumacher said...

Beautiful pieces Esther! I love the combinations you put together.

Anonymous said...

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aliqua said...

What can I say after this curious comment ????? That is the question !
Tu as su admirablement tirer profit de ces pièces de céramique ; les couleurs, les matières, tout y est pour continuer à charmer les copines.Tu peux continuer sur cette voie, comme dans toutes les autres d'ailleurs !

ISA said...

Oh les anges.. superbes ! et montés ainsi c'est très joli :-)

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

j'adore les petits anges.... *o*