04 November 2009

little tutorial..

hello my friends!
Many of us will make Christmas Market, to sell our creations and  buy new beads and over again!

I've created this little display stand for earrings, and I wanted to share with you in all modesty.

i hope pictures will help you .. cause my english... as you know.. well, let's go

1) here is the hardware that you need, look at the picture,
 the most important being the wire, I use here some aluminum wire, very easy to work and inexpensive; the 2nd element is the polymer clay

Here I have 50 cm (19 inch) of wire, I fold in 2.

I make a loop at the end and begins to twist on a regular basis. on about 15 cm (6 inch)

                                it will keep you 2 stems not braided. (is it english??? )

Well put one on the left and right and make a loop at the same level (important for weight distribution of earrings)

end with arabesques.

Then I smoothed for hammers, you can also use a stamp, here I took the letter X to make small crosses

file ends and the top of the piece to give a rustic style.

2) base:  make a ball   in polymer clay,

plant the iron rod to make an impression ..

and cook according to manufacturer's recommendations.

Then we decorate, varnish .. and voila!

I added a small loop in the middle, put a Rinchie for decoration , but in fact is for putting the price.

i hope you will understand something !! hihihi.. and i hope it will help you a little!



stregata said...

Sweet tutorial, Esther! I see you have an audience when you are working (the little animals...).
Love that you stamped the base of your earring display!

Mari said...

Gracias Esther!!! Excelentes instrucciones e ilustraciones!!!

sharon said...

Esther! You've done it again!! Fanatastic idea and tutorial...I love it!

Barbara Lewis said...

Esther, I'm so excited about this project! Thank you, thank you ... and your English is perfect!

Anonymous said...

what a fun project! i will have to try it sometime.
thanks for sharing.

SharonP said...

You are so crafty, my friend! I love it and will have to make one myself. I also love your adorable little piggies!

Anne said...

Merci l'amie<3 tu es le Mac giver de la patouille
Gros bisous

Narrative jewelry said...

Bravo for the how to, i can see you have some conscientious students learning. Let me know, it is not your kitten you modeled in polymer clay ? ;-)


sundownbeaddesigns said...

great tutorial...very clever! I will try this Thanks!

Cindy said...

Esther, thank you for sharing. Your explanation and pictures are so clear and easy to follow. You showed every detail right down to the little clay base which is so helpful. I can't wait to try one or two....

SummersStudio said...

This is very good and clear! Clever idea. Thanks Esther.

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

The multi talented Esther is back at it again! What a great idea! And it's so pretty and a perfect fit for earrings. Love your signature stamp on the clay portion. Thanks so much for the tutorial, Esther!


Thanks for the tutorial Esther
please don't worry about your English...we get you.I wish I could speak French LOL.However art has a universal language thankfully.Thank you for sharing this.Even I think I could make it :o)
Annette In Oz

ISA said...

Ce n'est pas sans rappeler une certaine discution.. le voici donc le joli support ! :-) c'est tout mimi

vero said...

Merci beaucoup c'est une excellente idée ! Je vais mettre un lien sur mon blog !

Only you said...

beautiful! i love it!

fibuline said...

c'est amusant...je suis inscrite au blog Totally Tutorials et voilà que je tombe sur ton joli tuto ! Joli blog et joli présentation de bijou !

Kella said...

This is a cool tutorial thanks for sharing.

icandy... said...

Happy day!

ann frendly said...

wow.. amazing thank u so much for sharing this useful tutorial..
before this, i really want my own earrings stand.. but it's was so expensive to buy.. i'm feeling doesn't worth to buy it..
Now i can made it by myself :)
I'm gonna did it :)
thanks again :) i'm so happy :)

with love..

Anna-Idiva said...

Thank you for having proposed this tutorial I made one, if you must come and take a look, kisses Anna

gwen said...

thank you, I am waiting for the clay to dry on mine :]

Freedom of Stitch said...

VERY helpful! I provide a local retailer with wirework jewelry & she's always asking me to dream up new display ideas. I used your tutorial (giving you the design credit of course) to make a multi-branched tree to hold 6 pairs of earrings and instead of the clay base, made 5 wireworked feet -- Voila!! Thank you so much -- and nice to meet you! (I found you via Twitter) Victoria www.freedomofstitch.com

HJC Editor said...

Hi! Great tute! I will be linking at http://www.handmade-jewelry-club.com/ in future post.


Priya said...

Awesome tutorial....am gonna try to make it someday.

sonia said...

Thank you. Merci beau coup. Your idea is tres bien. I like how you show step by step.

Tinki said...

Please..email me. Ide like to kno what you used to place your stamp in the clay.As all artist like to mark their work I just wanted to understand the basic idea behind it sooo I can s do my own...
:") thanks tinkimoon@gmail.com

Tinki said...

Please..email me. Ide like to kno what you used to place your stamp in the clay.As all artist like to mark their work I just wanted to understand the basic idea behind it sooo I can s do my own...
:") thanks tinkimoon@gmail.com