13 November 2009

Mind wide open Challenge.

Hello girls!! Each month i try to make the Mind wide open challenge.
Gail Shmidt is a talented digital designer;She have a beautiful shabby shop  , great for those who like digital images, incorporated in your crafts or jewelry.
and with a lot of goodies for our jewelry (there is a cage!! hummmmmmmmm!! i love it , and beautiful birds charms)

I use to make canvas or cards with her images, but this time.. i've choose to make a jewel.

here you have the image to use, made by Gail:

and that's what it inspired me:

i've made a transfert, and play with seed beads, old lace and felt.
Links are in copper.

have a nice day ladies!!!


Still Waters Studio said...

Beautiful work! I am inspired!

sharon said...

Gorgeous work Esther!! Brilliant! I am in looooove again! I adooore how you made the transfer and the assymetry of the seed beads....lovely!

Sissy Sparrows said...

Hi Esther....very creative and beautiful. I love what you do with the seed beads.....I'm not sure I'd have enough patience to work with them (lol). Thanks for the link to Gails site...I'm going to pop over there now. xx Julie

The Joy of Nesting said...

OH My Gosh Esthernita!!!!!

What an amasing 2 weeks of creating you have had while I was in the States!!!! Where to begin??? Each piece is more beautiful then the last!!!

I see that you have become addicted to bending wire like the rest of us!!! I love your incredible imaginative work with wire!! :) While in the states I loaded up on all kinds of wire, because I can not get it here. :( I can't wait to get all the laundry, unpacking, and putting away done so I can play with my new treasures!!!

What wonderful inspirations you have given us little sister!! Thank you!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Oh Esther, you are so very talented...such a pretty necklace

stregata said...

Esther, what a lovely necklace! I love the copper links! And the image is such a beautiful focal!

Cindy said...

Esther, this one is beautiful!!! You know I love how you make these pillow beads...each one is so different. I think you have met the challenge and more! :-)


Gorgeous Esther
I love the use of the fabric transfer with the beads....very nice indeed
Annette In Oz