04 October 2012

mind wind open challenge

This month Gail give us this fantastic picture 

it inspire me a necklace with little/tiny  fabrics pillows
a kind of tribute for this family . I really love family portrait .. 
it is very moving to see the similarities between each character.

Thanks for looking 

29 August 2012

so long time without posting

Copper , copper, always my fav!!

What about those new designs?

A bientôt

20 June 2012


Thanks for all your congratulations messages!! As i promised a picture of the " Mariée"! 

A Special thank to my friend Renate!! What a surprise!! Thank You!! 

And now some pic of my work if you want! 

A bientôt!

10 May 2012


Very soon!! next week you will have to call me Madame,  no more Miss!!
As you guessed, I'm getting married to Franck
So wish me good weather it's raining and raining  in provence!!

Some pics of my last projects?

Vintage black brass filigrees and strass!
Thanks for looking and see you soon with my wedding pictures!! 

20 April 2012

Sweet ribbon

I'm in love with fabric.. as most of us .. this time, after cuffs and necklaces.. earrings! why not? 

Let me show you my best best piece, never showed before.. romantic 
this is " le numéro Un

Soon available on my website, i'm not ready to let it go yet...houres of work for this piece.
Thanks for coming sisters!