11 August 2009


Hi girls!!

this time I worked steel wire, it is quite difficult to work because it is very rigid... I prefer copper wire , but it is true that after having been aged with darkening solution , the color is very vintage (as I like ..)

"rose bonbon" cracked glass beads and little swarovskys

"lagon baroque" beautiful blue opal beads and my little swarovsky bubbles..

and " les yeux du papillon", a ring with my bubbles technic..

I also started working on the august challenge of art scene beads..
A soldered pendant with engraving on the back. I used a crackle varnish and alcohol inks to make an old patina on the back.


and, finally, a thought for Sharon, I know she loves the little birds .. look at this one! it is on my mirror frame .. in my bedroom ..(!!!!) he saw the light and invited himself to the house ..( I should think of closing the windows,) he was terrified, the poor ... he even injured jumping everywhere trying to get out of the room .. So he put blood on the ceiling .. "quelle horreur" .. Finally, I managed to catch it, and get him out.. poor.. ceiling!!

Thats all!! thanks for all your lovely comments girls!!


Narrative jewelry said...

Aaah, oooh, waoouh, yeaaah,

One word for each creation. Lovely colors and funny ring with those eyes.

Good luck for the challenge, you are the best my Lillibulle.


Steph said...

Very nice!
I think you might be able to find annealed steel wire, it's easier to work with.Here we can find it at places where you buy metal sheets and such (the only downturn is you have to buy large quantities).

sharon said...

WOW Esther!! Your bubbles technique is brilliant! Your pendant for the ABS challenge is unbelievable, I'm speechless it is sooooo amazing!! And the bird.....sooo pretty, and it likes you, thankfully she is set free....

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Wow, the bubble technique is so cool! And your pendant for the Art Bead Scene challenge is PERFECT! Can't wait to see the finished piece.

TesoriTrovati said...

C'est magnifique!
Goregeous work Esther! Thanks for sharing...and for saving that poor little birdie!
Enjoy the day!

SharonP said...

You continue to amaze me with your endless talent! All of your art work is beautiful, love the rustic nature of your pendant.

Jan said...

SO beautiful.... all the jewellery
ma chere Esther mais j'aime plus la petite bague avec les yeus du papillon. Magnifique!!
And the little soldered pendant aussi...... beautiful.
Et la petite oiseau ... poor little thing. But you set him free. Hurrah!!!
By the way, your English is SO good now - well done my dear friend. xxxx

aliqua said...

Hello dear Esther !
A very beautiful work and colors. The earrings are fantastic !

The Joy of Nesting said...

Hola Ester,

Your bubble technique is muy bonita (very beautiful) and you have done an increible (incredible)job making the crystals look like drops of water in the wire!! :)

Buenos Noches,
Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Cindy said...

Hello Esther
I always enjoy stopping by to see your creations. And I am always so amazed by what you dream up next! Your earrings are beautiful...and I love how you added your "bubble" technique to these new pieces. You have a style all your own. I'm so happy the poor little bird made it outside with your help...I hope he's okay. You have a kind heart. :-)

Marie-Aimée said...

c'est absolument superbe !!!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Beautiful creations, each and every one.
Oooo that poor birdie and poor you trying to get him outside...glad it had a happy ending!
~*~ Patty

lunedreams said...

Love your steel wire pieces! The matte, sort of industrial finish is a wonderful contrast with the glittering Swarovski beads. Modern and edgy, but still with a baroque flavor. Your bubble design is charming! Introduces a nice texture variation in your pieces. I've used annealed steel wire some myself, and just love it. It does take some muscle though, esp. with the heavier gauges! Your wrapping technique with it is just lovely.

ISA said...

Dans la continuité de ton bracelet, avec le métal entouré, j'aime beaucoup ce style.
Tiens ! Encore un challenge que je ne connais pas.. oh oh :-)
Toujours aussi productive et réactive :-)