20 April 2012

Sweet ribbon

I'm in love with fabric.. as most of us .. this time, after cuffs and necklaces.. earrings! why not? 

Let me show you my best best piece, never showed before.. romantic 
this is " le numéro Un

Soon available on my website, i'm not ready to let it go yet...houres of work for this piece.
Thanks for coming sisters! 


sharon said...

I love your pieces sister! Everything you touch is pure romance....I know you are a genius!!
I will have sweet dreams tonight after seeing these!! Looooove, hugs, and romizooooouuu!!

avalonne said...

wow esther, this necklace is just absolutely amazing ... so so so beautiful !!!! hope i'll see it soon on your new shop on line :) kisses

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Esther - I am so in love with these gorgeous pieces. They are just stunning!
You are one clever chick!
I can really understand why you are letting go slowly - oh boy I really can!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Big hugs,
PS will be looking out for your shop!

stregata said...

Your work is exquisite always, dear Esther - and you are soooo very romantic. Beautiful!
Hope everything is well with you and the family. Are the apple trees in bloom?

Dorthe said...

Dear Esther, you are creating stunning and so beautiful unusual art jewlery. They are lovely romantic, and wonderful jewleries to wear, for the lucky ones. Maybe you should keep and wear the amazing neck lace yourself, dear sister- or at least keep it for really long time.
Hugs and happy week-end,Dorthe

CharmN Jewelry said...

Very unique material used to make these pieces.I love the riot of soft colours and also the novelty of designs.Gold Charm

at-the-attic said...