01 September 2011

A thought...

 Hi  Les filles!! !
Kids will soon go back to school , here in France it will be next monday! Poor babies! this summer ( as all  summers) is passed very quickly!

I've played with resin for a challege called "remember" . I wanted to remember about all those women who have fought  for make us , modern womens, free!

In the early autumn, I also decided to get back to paint and decorate and make collages, here's a preview of my small paintings..

Et voilà !
A special thought for my friends from Australia and England who have lost a loved one recently, I think of you.


In the Light of the Moon said...

Your collages are so beautiful..they have inspired me so..and as always your jewelry is a stunner..Love the article in the new BAJ congrats and I have my first publication in it and very excited!!Hugs,Cat

suziqu's thread works said...

Sweet Esther
I always love your jewellry you know and those new mixed media pieces show the love within you!
The colours are gorgeous also. Unique creations!
Thank you dear friend also for remembering me through my loss and hard times.
Your warm thoughts are so appreciated.
Love and hugs,

Dorthe said...

Hi Esther,
your Icon collages are so beautiful-and I love the added "flowers" which makes them very special--also your necklace piece is a most wonderful charm-we can`t get resin here, and it is not allowed to send with aeroplanes so I can`t order it from US-- :(
How does you find it in France?

Celiagart™ (Adalhaid) said...


J'adore !!
Qu'est-ce que c'est beau !!!

Cheers !!

sharon said...

Simply gorgeous as only you can do Esther, with your brilliant colrs of paint and in jewelry, but yet so soft and pretty! The resin piece is spectacular, the paintings...exquiste my friend! You are so talented and I am so glad to know you sweet friend!

Cindy said...

Esther, what a treat to see your latest pieces today! I love what you created with resin.
I especially love your collages - very spiritual and touching. You are truly gifted.
Guess what??! I picked up Belle Armoire Jewelry today here in the U.S.! And there it was...YOUR article in print! What gorgeous jewelry pouches and wire earrings! I was so proud to see your work featured... this is just the beginning, I expect to see you featured regularly. :-)

Angel.Pearls said...

So lovely combinations of colors and materials!

GlassBeadArt said...

What a beautiful collage of Sainte Thérèse! I just came back from a trip to Lisieux and now I see pictures of her everywhere...

Cassy said...

Those collages are all beautiful.
You're very creative.

Cassy from Video Guitar Lessons

Rosy_les bijoux said...

Ton blog c'est très intéressant et très jolie!! :))
I Love it!
Rosy :*

Gio said...

i'm pretty sure your friends will be very happy to receive this beautiful pieces.

Jewels By Ine said...

Lovely combination!

Vintage Green said...

Your collages are like colorful
modern icons. lovely!!

Sôso said...

C'est magnifique ! tes tableaux mixed-media sont vraiment réussis et le bijou aussi. bravo !