27 January 2010

thank you overseas friends..

Before it's too late, (all will be in the packages for my move)

I wanted to show you what I received from my friends around the world ... beautiful cards from Cindy and  Sanda (sorry, they are already packaged in objects for christmas ...for next year (I made myself a surprise! Hahaha)

well beautifuls bracelets..

my dear Renate!! beautiful betzels with my muse Cleo de Merode

a beautiful Bag from Pattie, in one side "paris" in the other side ""south america" and Frida..
a lot of goodies..and her specialty , frosted glasses charms..
not for christmas but wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow:

from Robin!! woooow beautifuls Charlottes and goodies, and.. this 2 beautifuls pendants!!  and and and..
lot of things i don't deserve!!
and from Riki!! these beautifuls earrings..

THANK YOU  ALL ! i am so lucky!!
You have been a lot to email me for the littles books Thank you.. i will make some others.. for sale or trade soon ok?


mairedodd said...

wow is right! you put goodness and kindness out into the world, seems only appropriate for it to come back to you as well!

sharon said...

You are lucky!! Watch out world, we will see what Esther comes up with!!
Did you get my long email last night??

Narrative jewelry said...

Wooooow you won the jackpot my Sweetie, so beautiful gifts and goodies from all around the world ! That's justice, for such a wonderful lady like you.

stregata said...

Bisous, my sweet! You are sooo generous always...

Azure Islands Designs said...

Lucky you...such gorgeous gifts!!!


Lenna Andrews said...

beautiful, esther! thank you for sharing!! lenna

Cindy said...

Esther, you are so loved. Your generosity will always oome back to you a thousand fold. Your goodies are amazing...what wonderful friends you have. I can't wait to go back and look at all of the great things you received. Good luck with all of the packing!