04 December 2009

littles boxes.

Yesterday i've made some littles brass boxes, or frames, i don't know how to call them..

inside, vintage's rhinestones and pearls.

And this big necklace "plan de Paris" inspired by  "la belle époque" 1900-1920 when they did the new metros etc.. in Paris.

the whites beads are vintages glass beads.

very diferent of Madame Pompadour, my last pinkie necklace.. it's the problem when we love jewelry so much..

have a nice... day? nigh? afternoon? here it's 6PM
A bientôt


TesoriTrovati said...

What fun! I love the little boxes, especially the house (can you tell I have new house on the brain?). And that necklace...swoon! I love the pop of white against the dark metal. Such a lush display.
Thank you for sharing, dear Esther!
Enjoy the day!
Profitez de la journee!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Esther, those boxes are fabulous! Can't wait to see what you do with all of them...Love the necklace...the circles are great!

Mari said...

Esther, no le temes a nada!!! intentas cualquier tecnica... y se ve tan facil para ti!!! excelente!!!

mairedodd said...

beautiful - it is now 3:30pm here... your work is lovely and inventive!

Sissy Sparrows said...

These are fantastic Esther.....there is no limit to your skill and creativity!

avalonne said...

wonderfull!!! theses boxes are fantastic and promises are made for future wonderfull pieces of jewelry i'm sure ;)

and your necklace is also beautiful :)
kisses miss

Théalie said...

Rhoooooooooooo tes maisons, tu sais bien que je suis en pamoison devant, j'aime ce stailllllll le tu le sais bien, les colliers sont superbes également !!!!!!!!!!

Tu as bien bossé !

Narrative jewelry said...

Aaah yeees, this one is super joli too, i love your new round links with a bead inside, and all the "meli-melo" as a pendant, so colorfull. The little boxes are just do cute, well done, the one with the child and rhinestones is so lovely. Love too your attempts at new shapes.


The Joy of Nesting said...

What fun Esthernita!!

Both projects!!! I see you have done well in mastering soldering with your torch!! Bravo!!!

The vintage lampwork beads are perfect they are the same colores as the maps. It looks like you covered the beads with the maps!! :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

sharon said...

I love the wrapped links Esther, and the white is a nice new color for you!! Big and bold...fantastic!!

stregata said...

Lovely little boxes - I would call them bezels...or was that br... LOL! The little houses are wonderful!!

Cindy said...

Esther what beautiful soldered boxes! I love how you filled them too...each one is incredible. And I love the new necklace..such perfect composition and colors!