24 October 2009


Hello friends!! thanks for all your comments.As i said last time, i'm busy (like all of you.. i know).. i have created a new collection of jewels: "Menus Plaisirs".

If "Romance" collection is all with fabrics and fibers, this new one is with metal, metal and metal.. but in a different style.. I can't say "Shabby", i can't say .. nothing.. it maybe my style .. who knows..
here a "florilège"

don't ask me how i did.. i even don't know myself.. I work on this jewelry as i use to do my canvas.
I start with my  piece of metal.. and then i made a combo of differents things.. Glass, collage, stones, vintage flowers....

here a metal sheet with littles elements soldered on it

my favorite

an other favorite.. well , i love them all..
I don't want to make a chain like in this first one
Sometimes, with just a simple choker collar, the pendant is more highlighted ,no?

and .. an other question.. My first command for ... a "Monsieur" for à man..

 is that enough men?

à Bientôt!!


sharon said...

These are craaaaaazzy fantastic, and so you!! I love them all, but YOUR favorite is my favorite also!! I love the chains hanging down, that is a great element!! Bravo again!! You tire me out!
You are SUPER...the best!

aliqua said...

This new style is fantastic too, I like all these colors.
Bravo ma belle !

stregata said...

Oh, I recognize this style! It is clearly "Lilibulle-Style!!!!!
So much imagination! You are much more playful with your jewellery than I am - very beautiful!!

Mari said...

Esther todo todo todo esta hermoso!!! Me fascina el pendant de corazon con la corona!!! es una idea fabulosa y quedo espectacular. El bracelet de hombre me fascina!!! las alas es una idea espectacular y se ve super varonil. De hecho en EU hay una asociacion de lucha olimpica y el simbolo son unas alas como esas!!!! Excelente idea y trabajo!!! un beso!

avalonne said...

woooow you told me last evening about your new collection, and you are right !!! it is wonderful and amazing and you have to be proud of all of them !!! and for the style ... hope no 'langues de vipere' can tell you now that you copy someone else !! that makes me crazy those people who are so jealous that they just can see the beauty of your work !!

and for these collection ... what about a shabbygothykitschy style ?? ;) kissessss honey ;)

mairedodd said...

beautiful - great watching all of the things you can do... and definitely, that bracelet is masculine... wonderful!

TesoriTrovati said...

Sweet Esther...you have a lush style that is uniquely you. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us so very far away!
Profitez de la journee!
Enjoy the day!

Cindyw said...

Esther I just adore your new collection!!! Full of classic Lilibulle elements....they are all beautiful!

Marie-Aimée said...

j'aime tout particulièrement celui avec la femme en bleu

Anonymous said...

que bellas todas las piezas! a mi tambien me encantan el corazon con la corona.

Esther said...

thanks, gracias and Merci.. aqui se hablan todos los idiomas!!

Narrative jewelry said...

This new collection "menus plaisirs" seems to be a nice one. As Sharon, my favorite may be the same as you, but love all.
Bravo for your first attempt and command for a man, not so easy to make something masculine.

Romizous Sweetie,