09 October 2009

Around the world round Robin!!

This little bird represents our Necklace's travel around the world ..

What a happiness, when Cindy, talented and generous artist, has contacted us ( poor discontinued Europeans LOL)  :Renate from Germany, Veronique and me from France,  to this wonderful  round robin project.
Even more amazing: My  Sharon Borsavage "my blogland's flanel godmother", is also involved!
Too happy! So we're 5!

The aim is that each girl makes a necklace section, and sends it to the next , who make an other section on her necklace , until the final, having our necklace finished, done with 5 hands
 (well 10 if one considers that each of us have 2 hands )

I have already received  Renate's section... a marvel!

But it is a secret because we decided not to disclose,  each will have THE surprise by opening her package!

Thank you to our beloved American friends to give us the opportunity to work together despite the distance, the language (thank you for your patience in trying to understand what I write!!) and the pressure (LOL)

Comme ce petit oiseau, cette aventure me donne des ailes!!



Cindy said...

OH Esther leave it to you to share a sweet and wonderful handmade bird!! What a great round robin representative!! And Mother Mary guiding our way too. Thank YOU for this fun opportunity...receiving the box from you was one of the most exciting moments I've had in a long time!

Lorelei said...

Good News! I'm glad you decided to host your own International round robin! I look forward to seeing what you girls come up with, your work is so fun and inspiring!

sharon said...

You have made me smile from ear to ear!!! Such a beautiful little bird...I am in love!!

TesoriTrovati said...

More fun! And more talent! I can't wait to see what you create with this. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day! Erin

stregata said...

Esther, c'est marveilleuse, ton oiseau! I have no idea if that is even partly right, lol! Your bird is soooo awesome. I am so happy to be in this group!!

Narrative jewelry said...

Happy to share with you Sweetie, and Cindy, Sharon and Renate, this fantastic adventure. Did you expect some months ago that such a thing will happen to us, frenchies ? Hope to be "à la hauteur" ;-)

Your piou-piou is like you Sweetie, original, unique, colorful, funny.


sundownbeaddesigns said...

it's so much fun to watch all the necklace round robins! Can't wait to see what such a group of talented artists come up with