20 September 2009

A surprise for my ladies!!

Firstly thank you Cindy! How generous artist we have here! without saying anything .. She presented my  new etsy shop on his blog! I'm speechless address your comments ladies! Thank you from my heart!

Now a bit of news!

Normally we use to  restore the old objects into new parts ..  My passion (well ,one of my many passions ...) is to alter the new into the old .. although very old.
My work this afternoon was to age  2 frames of brass, too gold, too shiny for my taste ..

and voila !! cameos in baroque style;

I put  tin solder, crystals, and time!

Do you see this one ?? not te little blue, nononooo the orange one?? it is the larger of the two, measuring 2 inches, and to celebrate my shop and my first sale, well ... it is "give away". yepaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Go ladies! you enter at the bottom to this  post,  your name, and a some words in french (héhéhéhé)  you can also speak about  it on your blogs .. and we will know the  winner  Tuesday.

*No obligation to become a follower of this blog is really to share something with you, having 20,000 folowers it's nothing to me if they do not like my work .. or do not  really want  to follow me  .. I do not force people each one is free! *

Thank you again for your comments!



Narrative jewelry said...

Oh Sweetie, you are now an Etsy member... Congrats for your courage, i know it isn't easy for you to part with some of your jewelry.

Hope this first comment will take good luck to you.

Your cameos are so cute, sure the winner will be a lucky one.


sharon said...

Esther, I always say, there is nothing you cannot do!!! These are stunning!! As you have been so generous to me , do not count me for the giveaway, but I wanted to tell you how beautiful they are, and that you are the best, my friend!! Congrat's on your beautiful etsy shop!! Kisssss Kissss! Roooommiiizzzouuuuusss!!

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Quel artiste magnifique vous êtes, Esther. Vos bijoux enlèvent mon souffle. Vous êtes une belle personne avec une belle âme et je suis si reconnaissant pour être votre copain blogging. :) J'aimerais la chance de gagner un de vos travaux stupéfiants d'art. Veuillez me signer vers le haut pour le don !

sanda reynolds Mullingar,Ireland said...

Esther, these are more than beautiful!!! Your work is pure MAGIC! And congrats for your ETSY shop, is fabulous! And... I need to confess now... I fell so much in love with the old coins, that I felt I MUST have them, so they are mine now!LOL Can't wait to use them in some projects!
Lots of love, Sanda xx

SummersStudio said...

Esther, j'adore votre arte!!!! Bonne chance en votre atelier nouveau. That is the limit of my pathetic French. You are very sweet to do this give away and anyone who recieves a piece of your beautiful art will have something very fine to remind them of you. xoxo LeAnn

The Joy of Nesting said...

Ahhh Esthernita (little Esther)

I must confess I had to drag this tiny bit of French out of LW only to find that LeAnn beat me to it. But this is all I have :) j'adore votre arte!! I can do a bit better in Spanish (Mexican Spanish that is) Esthernita las joyas de arte tu crea es muy increible!!! (Little Esther the art jewelry you create is very incredible!!)

Your cameos are just stunning as are all your pieces. You have been given the most amazing gifts to be able to create with your hands what your soul sees!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Brenda said...

No french here--just good ole country talk from Nashville,TN....Ya'll are an awesome artist--I am so glad that I found you and your etsy site!!!
Brenda Bliss

TesoriTrovati said...

Dear, sweet Esther ... nous qui viennent rendre visite à votre petit journal trouverez une mine de la beauté de vos doigts. Félicitations pour le site Etsy! Je salue votre saut de la créativité! Je suis désireux de faire de même ... vous ferez peut-être mon inspiration. Profitez de la journée!

(How's that for French? Google Translator is my friend!)

P.S. Je n'aime pas normalement la musique sur les blogs, mais j'aime la musique joue ici! J'ai écouté Classicandjazz.net de la France du retard. Merveilleux!

Cindy said...

Esther - what a joy to introduce your much anticipated Etsy shop! The pleasure was mine. See all of the wonderful fans you have?? We're all here to cheer you on! :-)

stregata said...

Ma chère Esther! J'adore l'art de toi aussi!!
I am the last - my internet connection is giving me trouble - but not the least of your admirers!! Congratulations on your new shop and I wish you much success!!

Marie-Aimée said...

il est de toute beauté ce médaillon !!!

Elisa Day said...

I cant any french. But I love your work