22 September 2009

Mon péché mignon

Brass is very special.; quite hard to work it, but the result, after darkening solution , is beautiful.. old gold.. i love!!
Hi girls.. today is the day.. for the give away winner..
talaaaaaaaaaaaaam : miss mascara: Pattie
patty i hope you will enjoy.. sen me your adress by mail 123lilibulle@wanadoo.fr
me hablastes en el idioma de mi padre.. muy bien!!!

Well now it's time to use some goodies that SharonB gived to me..
i've used Brass.. for this necklace "pècher mignon"
Opal (agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin) and pale pink jade..

Brass is special, quite hard to work (not like our lovely copper) but, after darkening solution.. hummmmmmmmmm this old gold color is "irrésistible"

Can i show you an art square from my french mixed media 's blog?
mixed media  is my real job, one where I'm most comfortable, in comparison with the jewelry, art in which I started

have a nice day .. here is 4:40PM


Anonymous said...

congrats to the winner!
esther that is a beautiful necklace, que bello!

sharon said...

Congrat's to Patti!! Yay!!
Esther, this necklace is soooooo sooo pretty, love what your doing with the OLD gold, it looks great aged like that!

sharon said...

I forgot! Your mixed media lady is soooooooo beautiful, I LOVE her, that color of the dress is so luscious and rich! Magnificent!

Le Journal de Chrys said...

Je connais le site de lilibulle!!! C'est très chouette!

The Joy of Nesting said...


I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!! I bet you can hear me shouting for joy all the way from Mexico!!!!! Oh I so love all your incredible creations and Cameos are one of my most favorite pieces of jewelry!!!!

This new necklace is so delicate and feminine!! Very ethereal as if it belongs to a forest fearie or nymth!! :) I envy your talent for mixed media on paper. It is something that I truly struggle with. But you make it appear so easy and flowing!!

THANK YOU AGAIN my little French Sister!!!
Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Anonymous said...

Hi Esther, I love your piece. I agree, I love the old world look the brass takes on when it is patina. I too appreciate the beauty of copper, but I think brass is pretty special also:)

SummersStudio said...

Congratulations Pattie! Esther, I always love seeing your mixed media pieces. It is how I first learned of your art and this piece is beautiful. And your new necklace is stunning! I agree, brass is hard to work with but I love it too and it is the first metal wire I pick up.

Cindy said...

Esther...here I am, the late comer. First I wanted to say CONGRATS to the very lucky Pattie!!
Oh my goodness...this necklace is one of my favorites!!! I simply love the entire construction...the clasp,chain, layout, everything. Is it going to your Etsy shop?? :-)
Oh thank you for sharing your latest mixed media piece here. It is simply exquisite. I clicked on it to enlarge it so I could see all of the many details. I am just speechless....it is incredible.

stregata said...

Lucky Pattie!! This necklace is wonderful, Esther!! And your mixed media art is very special!!

lunedreams said...

Charming and lovely necklace! Perfectly balanced, pleasingly asymmetrical--LOVE the opalescence and paleness with the burnished brass. More perfect balance! I love brass too--if you can get it dead soft, it's more workable. The clasp is such a lovely, curving vine-like element, works perfectly with the floral part. Love the textures in your multi-media piece, and the old/new feel. Like bringing a heroine of history back to vibrant life! Love the B&W photo with the vivid fushias!

Barbara Lewis said...

The necklace is so beautiful. Love the asymmetrical design and the contrast of the dark oxidized metals against the pale beads. Stunning!