16 September 2009

Merci Sharon!

This morning, the postman horn ... which means: PACKAGE!
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa great! A package of Sharon Borsavage!

This girl is too nice to me!

We made an exchange .. and she sent me (I took stock)

-The beautiful necklace-Mari I wear now .. damage by night he will soon, I should remove it ...

-an ATC 
-copper, (wire and sheet) bronze and silver
-fantastic pearls
- sari silk (I dreamed of having)

* Belle armoire a and the Bead trends magazines...  *
(as you will see she is not  once but 2 times in the beads trends!!!!! )
I never saw these magazines, I am too happy to see them close!

Sharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrron! come here I make you a hug!
Merci beaucoup!!!


Lorelei said...

WOW! How wonderful! Looks like you won the jackpot!

sharon said...

Esterrrrrrr!! How I wish I could come there for that big Hug....you are a dollbaby!!! Make something pretty...I know you will! Thank you again for your unconditional friendship. Bigggg hugs!

Narrative jewelry said...

Beautiful friendship relation the one between you and Sharon. The necklace is soooo lovely and delicate. Lucky girl for copper, silver and bronze items, so difficult to find in France !

You found in Sharon an exceptional friend, for sure you are an exceptional friend too, i can tell about that. And i wish to every one, to meet someone like you in her life.


sanda reynolds Mullingar,Ireland said...

Super friendship! Both of you are sooo talented, wonderful artists with such big, warm hearts! The necklace is beautiful!
Lots of love, Sanda xx

TesoriTrovati said...

What a great treasure trove you have there Esther....and I don't just mean the goodies...I mean that you have found a sweet friend in Sharon (who is a doll, herself!)
Profitez de la journee!
Enjoy the day!

SharonP said...

Lucky girl in goodies and friendship!

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Lucky girl! You and Sharon are so nice and it's so sweet that you are such good friends now. The wonderful world of blogging.

stregata said...

Lucky girl, Esther! So many goodies! Special friends in the Blogiverse!

Cindy said...

Oh what a wonderful package!! Each item a treasure. Sharon is such a generous soul.
Your photo collage is great...see, you're talented in so many ways. Thanks for sharing the good!

Lenna Andrews said...

how fun to read about sharon on your blog, esther! I recently "met" her online via my blog and was lucky she asked me to trade with her. She is a very generous and kind person. It is so nice to know that you & I have a friend in common!! : ) lenna