03 September 2009

lot of things to show... have you 5 minutes??

hi girls!!

Today is the first day of scool here in France, for littles girls and boys... YESSSSSSSSSS!! the start of the holiday for us , parents! (yes I am an ugly witch and I assume!!)

This morning: soldering!! The big fiesta , cause you know it's my favorite job.. you did'nt??

This big big piece is chandelier glass teardrop.Behind I put iridescent medium that I sanded later .

I decided to marry tin and brass. You can hang what you like with various small rings that are all around.

Yesssssssssssssss!! all my beads have been shipped together.. so a lot of things to open this afternoon!! are'nt they fabulous???


As I will not post until Monday i show you an other collection of bracelets..

This one is just finish..Metal, with soldered charms and pearls.. hi have 6 to finish! but give me your opinion about this style of bracelet..

Other ones will have beads on the little holes around the bracelet..


Annnnnnnnnnnnnd!! an other Romance necklace.."Voyage au japon"
I'm proud of my handmade clay and resin flower.. héhéhé!!
You can see a real old japanese coin, and a beautiful Red Jasper Knot Pendant bought on d.white creations etsy's..

And a brooch that a beautiful person commanded to me in the Romance style, to pin it on a brown coat ...

Thank you brave readers, it was very long, I know .. but I can 't wait to show you my work ...

Thanks for your comments! and have a good weekend! see you Monday!

And Joyeux anniversaire dear Jan!!!

andddddddddddddd!! last minute info!!

look at this pretty face!! she have a beautiful give away on he blog... clic on the picture( not to much poor sharon!!be sweet...wen you will clic!!


Jan said...

OH SO MANY BEAUTIFUL AND PRECIOUS THINGS annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd you are soooooooooooooo BUSY making soooooo much!!!
I love the metal bracelets, very different with the little charms attached to them. And the beautiful orange flower will look so nice on a brown coat. CLEVER GIRL!!! Kisses and hugs xxxxxxxxx

TesoriTrovati said...

That pendant at the top is a STUNNER! I love it! C'est magnifique!
And it gives me some ideas for my own solder gun...
The bracelet is very intriguing. What is the material? The holes have so much possibility.

Profitez de la journée!
Enjoy the day!

Jan said...

Thank you ma chere Esther for the birthday wishes xxxxx

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Yes, I have five minutes to check out your blog. hehe That necklace is so intriguing! So much color and pizazz. The bracelets I love with their chunky style. Great job on all of these treasures!

Narrative jewelry said...

One more time, lovely, beautiful, colorful, inventive, etc... things. Where do you find the time (!!!)

You gonna reconcile me with colors. Oh, and i recognize the wire you turned with the D....

But, the two i prefer, are the somptuous necklace with japanese girls, the bright orange flower and those lovely links. And the brooch, just gorgeous. I can understand now what you explained me about the way you sewed the fabric to make the little "boudins"...

Beautiful work Sweetie.

stregata said...

Wonderful work, Esther!! And those beautiful resin and clay roses - adorable!! I love them!!
The big chandelier pendant is really magnifique! I love the iridescent effect - looks like a moonstone - that is giving me ideas...
Again, wonderful work!!!

sanda reynolds Mullingar,Ireland said...

Hi Esther,
I'm with my eyes on your door too, as you can see!LOLOLOL
Your latest creations are FABULOUS and I LOVE them all! The bracelet is marvelous and I must admit here and now that I'm simply in love with your necklaces!!! Still waiting for my soldering supplies, hopefully I'll receive the order tomorrow! Can't wait to try it!
Hugs, Sanda xx

SummersStudio said...

Esther, all of your pieces are wonderful. The pendant is gorgeous and you should make more of the bracelets. I love that cuff or bangle style of bracelet.

sharon said...

OK Esther, my sweeeeeett....I love the bracelet, yes, make more, but these necklaces are making me crazy , they are soooo soooo beautiful, they are works of art, I love the beads, I love the stitching, I adooore the asian focal.....you are brilliant!!

Cindy said...

Esther, whever I visit my blog I just have to hold my breath with anticipation of what amazing pieces of art you will show next! I am always spellbound when I look at your latest!! I've never seen anything like your new cuff style bracelet..it is gorgeous. And your chandelier crystal pendant is one of a kind too...who would have thought to solder it with wire the way you did? But the last fiber necklace with the Japanese coin and vintage picture is truly a masterpiece...you really ought to consider submitting this one! I think Belle Armoire Jewelry would be the perfect publication for your latest fiber necklaces...you will amaze them if you send them these pictures!!
Hope your children had a great first day of school!

lilibulle said...

ho wow thank you very much for your wonderful comments ladies! The bracelet is made of 100% steel with tin over and sanded!
Cindy ( I dont know if you will receive my e mail , so I repeat here ..)= I am very touched by your comment but I seriously think that belle armoire will have a good laugh if they see my work, I think I still have to work again and again .. but all your messages encouraging me a lot! thank you!
grosse bise!!
and for sandra!! it's not a joke!! it's really my eye on your stamp!! i'have designed it for LCDE, it's a picture of my eye!! lol!

lunedreams said...

YOU made that resin flower? That's outstanding. You're a very gifted sculptor! That pendant is just breathtaking! I love the pinks and oranges together, and the contrasting textures of fiber and stones. The length of ribbon (looks like silk) is the perfect touch. Definitely make more of those cuff bracelets--can't wait to see one with stones in the holes!

Pretty Things said...

Wonderful work! Soldering and I do NOT get along!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say when i see your work so...., so.....!!!! and the romantic style... il est à se damner !!!
Enjoy the day, friendly...