25 September 2009


A "Coline" in French means "Hill", a place of refuge where we can take the height to see what's going down ..

For this necklace, I worked brass (I hope it shows!) (SharonB thank you again!)

I imagined clasps worked, hammered, while wreaths for lightness. Often the metal patina seems heavy, I found this compromise!

The beads are Opals, round, square, beveled ..and 2 green Baroque pearls

I received the medal of the Virgin Mary this morning, it is brass and shaped drop, it inspired me the piece of chain drops ..

a digital image ... (superporistion several digital images)

i translate the little text ok?
"mademoiselle" was a butterfly, what are we now? where our butterflies are gone?
 Heaven is eternal, the butterflies are not,
dreams are forever, mademoiselle  is not"

(something like that LOL)

have a nice day!!! soon weekend!!


Narrative jewelry said...

A new lovely piece, really beautiful, the new shape for the links is well done too. Love it.

Bravo for the translation and the so romantic digital image.


sharon said...

You are working magic with the brass....and the beads! Your twists and turns are incredible, the whole composition so well executed, Amazing...and the new links, sooooo pretty! Very beautiful pieces Esther!

TesoriTrovati said...

Divine, Miss Esther! I love the cool blues with the warm metal. Such a lovely work of art.
Profitez de la journee!
Enjoy the day!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Oh Esthernita,

What a wonderful creation. Again you have managed to create a wonderful warm ethereal piece out of cold stone and brass!! Oh and I love all the different links!!! I think your solution of hammering the links to add a bit of patina is perfect!!

How amazing that your digital collage and poem are wonderfully complementary of your beautiful story jewelry. What a wonderful way to ingage the imagination along with the other senses!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

stregata said...

What can I add to the comments of Pattie, Sharon and Vero?? Not much. You are a wizardess, dear Esther, a magician. Fantastique!

Lenna Andrews said...

Esther, the brass and opals together are a most divine combination, yum! I love all the work you put into the metal. Beautiful.

SharonP said...

Most lovely, Esther! You are indeed an artist!

Anonymous said...

beautiful necklace
bella colina!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful....just love it, the colours have complimented beautifully. What an amazing piece of work.

Barbara Lewis said...

"Coline" blew me away!

SummersStudio said...

Tres belle! I love brass and you have handled it beautifully.

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Wow! So in love with this piece. So much character! The bright blue is such a good contrast for the brass. And that chain is so interesting. And those leaf like sections on the one side are so unique. Bravo, Esther!

Cindy said...

What a sight to visit today and find this STUNNING necklace! A project like this must have taken some time...(well, maybe not for you, "Speedy"!)just the whole layout and thought it must have taken to design...what a complex and gorgeous focal. Oh and the colors and the rustic, hammered wire work. Your ideas just flow so naturally - what talent!! This is one of my new favorites. Will this show up in your Etsy shop??

sanda reynolds Mullingar,Ireland said...

This one is a winner, Esther, is AWESOME!!! I love the combination of brass, patina and the delicate color of the opals! SUPER, SUPER, SUPER!!!
Have a great weekend, lots of love,
Sanda xx