23 August 2009

Retour aux sources..

l'oiseau libre

All the wire work is by handmade, of course.. the beads inside the wirebubbles are pink dyed jades; i've made all the little charms with shrin plastic, and put little hotfixes for light.
The big bird is one of my littles totems.. made with old paper , maybe one day i will show you my collection.. if you want..

Paris Baroque

The cristal beads come from a vintage necklace, and some little swarovskis,
there is a natural opal pendant.. opal is my favorite stone..
Here shrink plastic chandeliers, and a very nice "tour Eiffel" and cutlery's charm.

thanks girls for your always lovely comments, and one more time , excuse my bad english.. sinon j'écrirais en français.. !!


Joella said...

WOW...I love this little charm bracelet! The wire wrapping is very well done and your paper mache bird is adorable. It would be a treat to see more pics of your paper mache as well!!

stregata said...

Esther, lovely charm bracelets and I adore the little bird! It would be wonderful to see your collection!
Please pardon us for our lack of knowledge of French...

Narrative jewelry said...

Of course, we want to see your totem's collection !

Both of the bracelets are just so cute. For my own part, especially the second one with all those little charms inspired by the french touch.

The wire wrapping is excellent, and the color of the wire, so niiiiiice !


sharon said...

Sooo adorable Esther, the wire wrapping is SUPERB, I love it!!

When do we get to see the rest of the bird collection???? Pleeaaase, let's see the birds!!!

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Oh, the Paris bracelet is so romantic! Your bubbles on both of these are so cute.

SharonP said...

Esther, I love your wire wrapping and all the little charms, everything is so beautiful! And yes, I want to see more totems!

Cindy said...

Esther, these are so gorgeous! When I saw these pieces, as they say, my jaw dropped!! I've never seen anything like them. And yes, please show us your bird collection. What you've shown here is really amazing!

Aliqua said...

Your work is fantastic !!! I would like to see the totem's collection too !!! Bisous.

PoivronRose said...

Je ne connaissais pas cet autre blog! cachotière ! ou alors je devrais peut-être m'acheter des lunettes... bref, c'est mâââââgnifique !!!! Je suis fan! bravo!