06 August 2009

my first test .. etching metal

What do you think about? I've used stamps ,permanent ink and ,of course, etchant solution ..

I'm so happy about this result..
Thanks to Stephanie Lee and her amazing book :Semiprecious Salvage!!


Jan said...

Oh yes.... I have this book also but have not made anything from it.
This is a lovely effect.... will you make jewellery from it?

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

These are amazing! Oh, I've got to try this. What are you going to create with these? I can't wait to see the finished piece. Simply wonderful!

sharon said...

Stunning Lilibulle!!!! I just Looooove it!!

Narrative jewelry said...

Ho ho, i fail something great, your first tests in etching metal. The results are just gorgeous sweet Esther, really. Love the colors of burned copper.

Are they future necklaces or pendants ? Waiting for the results too.


lunedreams said...

fantastic!! vintage-y, literary, with a touch of industrial. gorgeous.

ISA said...

Magnifique rendu ! Maintenant il faut les adapter.. aller hop hop hop au boulot m'dame ! On veut voir ;-)

Bulle said...

It's beautiful and wonderful-beau ! et quelle technique, wouah !
sorry, hein ! I don't speak English, tu le sais, so je m'exprime en franglais ! ça t'embête pas hein ?