18 August 2009

an award and some fibers..

Perle-rouge , awared me!! thank you so much!! i'm so proud!! and more because Perlerouge is french!! comme moi !! on se sent moins seule!!

the rules are simple:

put the link of the person who gave it to you,

put your price on your your blog,

choose 6 other people whose work deserves a look ..

the appointees are:( tough choice .. 6 .. is not my figure ..)

*My Sharon from Livewire jewelry !! for her big hear and beautiful job!!

*My dear Véronique from Narrative Jewelry !

*Robin's nest , so vintage.. and chic!

*Purple cactus studio so much things , so much colors!! (take your sun glasses!!)

*Sweet Cindy, from Sweet beads studio , big heart too.. and wonderful jewelry

*and for Dayli muse, Infinite charms.. wonderful beads!!

Friends don't be disappointed, I love so much jewelry, that the choice was very difficult ...


Yesterday I made some fibers bracelets ..

this one is for a friend .. the image in the center is made from a picture of his mother, I digitized .. it was a surprise for her .. it make it so unique

i love work for someone.. it's a real pleasure..

and this pretty pink.. for... for me.. LOL


Narrative jewelry said...

Congratulations for your Award, i saw it on Perlerouge's blog, it is justice, you do a such wonderful work, colorful, funny, delicate.

Thank you for choosing me among all those beautiful blogs. It's my Award à moi...

Love your fiber bracelets "for me, for me, for me dableeeeuuuu..."


sharon said...

You are soooo sweet my dear friend!! Your fiber bracelets are to die for!!

Cindy said...

What a sweet surprise, Esther! Congrats on receiving this award...and for all of the wonderful links. You've listed some blogs that I have never visited and it's fun to discover new places. Thank you for the honor. :-)

ISA said...

Toujours d'une aussi grande originalité, et.. bien contente du mien ! ;-)