03 July 2009

gracias a Mari!!

We 've made a swap with Mari from "mis amores" she is so lovely and generous her first language is Spanish, she is from Porto rico!! My father come from spain, so i speak spanish too, it's funny to think that we can comunicate with all of you , all over he world!! Do you want to see the amazing gift from Mari?? Yesssssssss?? YESSSSSSSSSSS!! ok okokok.. here it is

a fantastic bracelet !!! with peyote bubbles (?!!?) inside, vintage pictures an one of my daughter that she have take on my french blog and a fantastic charm!!

Mari!! te lo digo , te lo repito.. este regalito tuyo me emociono mucho.. te agradezco de haber hecho esta obra llenea de amor!!! Un besooooooooooooooooo!! y a los nenes.. ya llego el paquete IE!!! un beso asi que a tu hermanita !! y atentos que va llegar el mio!!


sharon said...

Beautiful and touching gift!!!! I love how we can all share around the world!

Anonymous said...

si, que bella! what a wonderful gift!

stregata said...

A very lovely bracelet!! I like your earrings with the shrink plastic also!!

Jan said...

What a lovely bracelet and how lovely to share a language - the blog is beautiful Esther xxxx

le blog de vero said...

Coucou Lillibulle,

Oh, la coquine, je vois que ton talent "bijouesque" est reconnu outre atlantique, c'est bien, je suis contente pour toi.

Les bijoux en shrink plastic sont très originaux, mais où vas tu chercher toutes ces idées ??? (Sinon, le fil d'argent tu le trouves en France ?).

Bon, allez, bisous d'une frenchie coupine.


Aliqua said...

Ooooooooh ! que de merveilles ! Alors, ce blog est un moyen de perfectionner tes connaissances en anglais, c'est bien çà ???????
En tout cas, c'est une véritable caverne d'Ali Baba, tout est merveilleux, sincèrement bravo, and let's hope you'll have lot of success... (eh!eh!)French kiss !

SharonP said...

Beautiful bead and bracelet! I love the fact that we have the technology to meet each other and become friends. Cheers to new friendships around the world!