09 January 2015

Sadness and hope

 France is in mourning, terrorism and the madness of fanatics killed and will kill again
I want peace, we all want peace.
Combine our positive thoughts, a thought for the missing, murdered in the world because of the foolishness of some men and women.


suziqu's thread works said...

My thoughts and prayers are totally in communion with yours!

Esther said...

Thank you Suzi.

stregata said...

And the world mourns with France. Such dark days, my dear Esther. xo

Narrative jewelry said...

Coucou ma Sweetie,
Très joliment dit ! Tu as trouvé les mots justes pour traduire ce que la plupart d'entre nous ressent.
Je suis heureuse d'avoir de tes nouvelles, tu te fais tellement rare, que deviens-tu ?

Esther said...

thank you Renate, we need "hope".

Esther said...

merci Véro, oui on est tous plus ou moins rares, mais c'est un fait: pas indispensables. Le temps passe trop vite jamais le temps de rien! gros bisous

sharon said...

I just saw this Esther, and me and my family mourn with you and your country. Sending prayers your way friend and love. Sharito

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